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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

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Woman's Work

Conquering a static steel beam at great height, the women in Woman’s Work use their flexible, human bodies to resist themselves against the system they’ve no choice but to live in.
Runtime: 8:25 min.; 2022, Netherlands

  • Director: Annemijn Hélène Rijk
  • Choreography: Annemijn Hélène Rijk
  • Cast: Caroline Neijndorff, Pauline Roelants, Revé Ter Borg, Laura De Vos, Izah Hankammer, Yara Meziane el Otmani
  • Producer: Monne Tuinhout

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Interview with the Filmmaker Annemijn Hélène Rijk

Your views on the film.
The way we think, the way we look, even what we can fantasize about is framed by the structures that construct our societies. Annemijn Rijk is fascinated by how the body relates to these social, often hidden frameworks. As well as by how the body can challenge them. She investigated how the body today, within these systems, relates to beauty. For her, beauty is transparency in showing the body honestly, transparency in the expression of her dancers, as well as in exposing hidden, social systems.

Your inspirations.
The many women I worked with for this film, and how brave they are, are my inspiration. We searched for how the dancers can use their bodies to express, rather than their bodies being vehicles for objectification.
Your cinematic work.
Re:Born (2019) a shot dance film about getting up and reclaiming a body that has been harmed.