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Winners 2023

Awarded Films

Cittador Award for Best International Short GOLD

“Breathe“ by Lesley Pinder, Australia

Jury´s Statement
A trauma told with such presence and transparency that the audience can feel the pain on their skin. Precise and well thought-out use of sound design in dramaturgical function.

Cittador Award for Best International Short SILVER

“Joan of Arc“ by Tim S Lott, USA

Jury´s Statement
A thrilling narration with thoughtful dialog, images with their dramatic lighting and music used as a counterpoint to the story make the film magnificent. Fine and precise sound work and Kohanna Kay’s exceptional acting crown this special film experience.

Cittador Award for Best European Short GOLD

“Chlorine“ by Thanos Psichogios, Greece

Jury´s Statement
Loneliness, desolation and isolation are shown in a highly poetic and cinematic way. Expressive images, multi-layered editing, exquisite mise-scene in the service of the story, sound design as the rhythm of the narrative, minimalist acting make the film a fine pleasure.

Cittador Award for Best European Short SILVER

“The Discoverer of the Discoverers“ by C. S. Nicholson, Norway

Jury´s Statement
A poetic and at the same time merciless story that touches everyone with its humanity. Skillful and dedicated direction, highly professional and unforgettable images, precise and inspiring rhythm and extraordinarily inspiring music – all packed with love, passion and cinematic knowledge.

Cittador Award for Best Austrian Short GOLD

"Try To” by Luca Werner-Tutschku, Austria

Jury´s Statement
A story on the challenging subject of overcoming personal life tragedy is told in a metaphorical, symbolic and yet clearly comprehensible way. Told like a thriller, the film is breathlessly captivating.

Cittador Award for Best Austrian Short SILVER

“Double Trouble – My new life with Twins” by Hans Friedrich, Austria

Jury´s Statement
An already familiar story about motherhood, told in a sensitive, intimate and tender way that makes the audience wish for a strong mother like the top athlete in the movie. Fine direction, good cinematic rhythm, inspiring film images.

Best Drama Short GOLD

“BUBBLES” by Meri Dishnica, Italy

Jury´s Statement
A very skillful cinematic transfer of the emotion of loss and of never giving up hope. The inner world becomes almost touchable through the extraordinary camera, fine images, the inspiring music and the perfect sound.

Best Drama Short SILVER

“Beethoven´s Letters” by Raouf Zaki, USA

Jury´s Statement
The subject of art and the price the artist pays for it is skillfully brought to the point by intense and considered direction. The film impressed with its cinematic sensibility: the editing follows a fast rhythm appropriate to the subject and the images function as a clear subtext.

Best Arthouse Short

"Plastic Inside Me" by Desirée Jakobitsch, Austria

Jury´s Statement
The film is a highly sensual experience. A complex metaphorical story that is realized with simple resources and can be interpreted in many different ways. The imaginative direction, creative camera, elegant editing, very good sound design.

Best Documentary Short GOLD

“The Beyond” by Daniel Maurer, Switzerland

Jury´s Statement
In this film, the author has achieved what many short films strive for: to fascinate us with an extraordinary world. With an elegant rhythm and sensitive editing, we see the portrait of a young person who shows us the proper respect for life and death in an unpretentious way.

Best Documentary Short SILVER

“DAS ROTOHR ” by Paul Drey, Germany

Jury´s Statement
An exciting documentary told in a modern, eclectic cinematic way. A new objective point of view conveyed subjectively and artistically. Honest and undemanding narration that leaves a great didactic impression on the audience.

Best Experimental Short

“ADJECTS + Music for Objects” by Alexandre Dacosta, Brazil

Jury´s Statement
The film is an excellent mix of different film genres, different film music styles and interesting editing, which deals with the theme of the poetry of everyday life with a lot of humor and inspiration.

Best Animated Short

“The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits” by ahLoong, Malaysia

Jury´s Statement
The complex topic of loss is told in the film in an impressive way that touches everyone’s heart. An animation that explains in a few sequences, in an exciting and unexpected way, everything that requires thousands of words.

Best Feminist Short

“Marguerite” by Maximilian Modl, Austria

Jury´s Statement
What is fascinating about the film is that the story moves as a flowing, balanced interlude and rhythm of editing, images and symbolism. With simple resources and reduced dialogs, the film characters are very well pointed and portrayed.

Best Environmental Short

“Talking to a survivor” by Milena Olip, Austria

Jury´s Statement
A poetic appeal for the protection of the environment, narrated quietly and gently, and thus goes straight to the heart. The impressive images and subtle rhythms convey the controversial topic of nature and mankind.

Best Family Short

“Afterimage” by Robyn MacIntosh, Serin Chun, Canada

Jury´s Statement
A touchingly told bedtime story for young and old, with a message that acts like a hug before sleep – love is all we need. An animation that seems to have fallen out of time – a rabbit, an analog camera, the world of childhood told in suggestive animation images.

Best Inspirational Short

“The Breath of The Depth” by Poul Bracker, Germany

Jury´s Statement
This movie is pure life inspiration in terms of freedom. A story that reveals itself like a cake layer. Great camera, fine sound design. A movie that gives courage.

Special Awards

Emerging Director Award

„L´ Ombra di Rasputin” by Pietro Francesco Pingitore, Italy

Jury´s Statement
The directorial work per excellence – it has excellently combined everything: complex storytelling, merciless film images, uncompromising empathy, demanding editing as well as the use of film music and sound design.

Remarkable Screenplay Award

“FRAGILE” by Lea Lavabre, France

Jury´s Statement
The freedom to come to terms with one’s own identity as a woman in all its facets carries a clear message without dialog or explanations: a woman is only what she makes of herself.

Acting Art Award ACTRESS

“Don´t Choke” by Sonny Baez, United Kingdom

Jury´s Statement
Chloe Wigmore’s acting is a mature and thoughtful portrayal of the character, which in and of itself demands a lot of acting, especially when it comes to the fine balance. Chloe Wigmore has delivered a vivid character with the ease and naturalness of her performance.

Acting Art Award ACTOR

“Shafted” by Emerson Collins, Del Shores, USA

Jury´s Statement
Mat Hayes’ acting is a multi-layered art of dedication and talent. An expressive performance that is well attuned to the text and that the audience is happy to participate in is something you don’t always get to see in short films.

Cinematography Art Award

“200 Tuesdays” by Gideon Heine, Ryan Sauer, Australia

Jury´s Statement
The camera, which has succeeded in shaping the feelings of the protagonists and rounding off and refining the narrative level. A successful combination of image, light and framing.