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Winners 2022

Jury Awarded Films

Best Narrative Short – Jury Award

“The Pencil“ by Alexandre Mahutte, Canada

Jury´s Statement
The world from the perspective of a pencil points out the incomprehensibility, crudeness, and exploitation of the world in a funny and ambiguous way. Vivid presence of the off-voice.

Best Arthouse Short – Jury Award

“The Case“ by David Norman, Switzerland

Jury´s Statement
A simple way to show the complex theme of time looping, very well underscored by the sound design, which occasionally becomes music. The remarkable acting of Quinn Butterfield.

Best Feminist Short – Jury Gold Award

“Woman´s Work“ by Annemijn Hélène Rijk, Netherlands

Jury´s Statement
A clear image on the theme of woman as a timeless continuum. A strong performance with the excellent pace that keeps the interest of the audience incessantly.

Best Feminist Short – Jury Silver Award

“Doxxed“ by Otto Logan, USA

Jury´s Statement
The film got right to the heart of the feminist issue – a powerful message about the state of affairs today. Remarkable performance by the cast.

Best Feminist Short – Jury Bronze Award

"Child Psychology” by Duru Yildiz, Turkey

Jury´s Statement
Impressive and touching images on the subject of abuse. A strong story concept that consists of circles and thus has no end and no beginning.

Best Animated Short – Jury Award

“MIDAS” by Ben Meyer, Mav Vitale, Lisa Qingyi Liu, USA

Jury´s Statement
The saying “Watch what you wish for.” is told in a very humorous anti-didactic way with a brisk pace and a funny twist.

Best Sci-Fi Short – Jury Award

“First Time” by Scotty Baker, USA

Jury´s Statement
A successful absurdist yet human philosophical debate in a distant future, told with fine dry humor in the style of Douglas Adams and his “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

Best Experimental Short – Jury Gold Award

“Measured in Echoes” by Jonathan Joy, USA

Jury´s Statement
Impressive x-ray of a stopped time: impressionistic and hypnotic. Beautiful interactive play of the camera, the light, and the music.

Best Experimental Short – Jury Silver Award

[ technopoetics ] by Alexandre Dacosta, Brasil

Jury´s Statement
Unconventional and inventive graphic poems told in a charming, funny, and educational way. A new poetic gaze at reality.

Best LGBTQ+ Short – Jury Award

“I Hate You and Everything You Represent” by Sebastián Porteiro, Uruguay

Jury´s Statement
Very poetic symbolism of love in all its facets: romantic beginning, rough disappointment, new beginning. The beautiful off-voices.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention – Storytelling

„Backpack” by Afsaneh Azizmohammadi, Iran

Jury´s Statement – Exciting storytelling.

Honorable Mention – Camera

“April at the End of the Month” by Tim Disbrow, USA

Jury´s Statement – Successfully shown suppressed emotions by the camera.

Honorable Mention – Film Images

“Bilateral Symmetry“ by William Alan McNeice, Kate Novak, Spain

Jury´s Statement – Fine photographic film images.

Honorable Mention – Film Quotes

“Child Psychology“ by Duru Yildiz, Turkey

Jury´s Statement – Interesting film quotes in a strong low-key.

Honorable Mention – Non-Budget Spirit

“Doing is everything” by Petr Cerny, Czech Republic

Jury´s Statement – A nice example of the non-budget spirit.

Audience Awards

"The Pencil" by Alexandre Mahutte, Canada
"April at the End of the Month" by Tim Disbrow, USA
"Doxxed" by Otto Logan, USA
"Reyn: I´ll Find a Way" by Shelly Gertan, Austria
"Disparate Fragments Form Patterns" by Paul Edmund Fletcher, Australia