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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

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The Pencil

A pencil who wishes to create art is forced against its will to write a student’s class notes. Will it succeed in convincing the student to do this?
Runtime: 6:53 min; 2022, Canada

  • Director: Alexandre Mahutte
  • Screenwriter: Alexandre Mahutte
  • Cast: Anaïs Mahutte, Alexandre Mahutte
  • Producer: Alexandre Mahutte
  • Language: English

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Interview with the Filmmaker Alexandre Mahutte

Your views on the film.
I think this is a very original story that tries to turn classic underdog story tropes upside down.

Your inspirations.
The film came to be because of my desire to tell a story from the perspective of an object that was being used in order to make the audience feel sorry for it.

Your cinematic work.
Short films: Building a Nest, Crying, Tapping, The State and Nightmare.