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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

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[ technopoetics ]

A film composed of object-poems and animated graphic poetry exquisite humor, critical and very diversified in its language, providing a fun reflection of the spectator.
Runtime: 8:33 min; 2022, Brazil

  • Director & Producer: Alexandre Dacosta
  • Language: Portuguese

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Interview with the Filmmaker Alexandre Dacosta

Your views on the film.
[ technopoetics ] consists of object poems and animated graphic poetry from my first book of visual poetry. It is a film with exquisite humor, critical and very varied in language that offers the viewer a fun reflection. I also use the short film in my music and poetry show, where I perform the poems live.

Your inspirations.
I am also a visual artist, musician, composer, actor and poet. All these languages mix in my work, even if I play a specific role. Parallel to painting, which I have been doing since my youth as the son of two painters, Milton Dacosta and Maria Leontina, the object, sculpture and installation developed naturally and are now shown in solo and collective exhibitions.

Your cinematic work.
As a director and screenwriter, I have produced 2 feature films: the experimental autodoc “Akangatumirimusika” (2022) with 50 original mini-songs, “The Eyebrow is the Moustache of the Eye” (2022) and 14 short films. As a leading actor, I have directed 5 feature films and 10 short films and appeared in more than 40 films, 17 plays, musicals, series, mini-series and soap operas. I make soundtracks for films and theater performances.