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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

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A fresh and hilarious take on the old Greek tale of King Midas. The story follows the King’s journey during which Dionysus bestows upon him the ability to turn anything he touches into gold.
Runtime: 4:23 min; 2022, USA

  • Director: Ben Meyer
  • Screenwriter: Ben Meyer
  • Cast: Ben Meyer, Ian Worthington, Justin McElroy, Karenna Foley, Clayton Song, Christian Brzozowski,
    Jack Michael
  • Producer: Mav Vitale, Lisa Qingyi Liu
  • Language: English

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Interview with the Filmmaker Ben Meyer

Your views on the film.
Produced entirely in the experimental build of Unreal 5, this comedic take on the old Greek tale of King Midas has lived inside my brain for about 3 years prior to production. The concept of an ignorant monarch who gains an incredible power can go in a variety of directions, but, I felt the most compelling was the way of laughter. The original story is that of a tragedy, which is still somewhat present here, but the tragic nature of the story is undercut by the bumbling oaf that is my iteration of Midas.

Your inspirations. 
This is an adaptation of the Greek tale of King Midas. I felt there was much comedic potential in this story and thus spent years developing this short with my co-leads Mav Vitale and Lisa Qingyi Liu.

Your cinematic work.

This is my true directing debut. I’ve created shorts on various social media platforms like YouTube and Tiktok, but nothing to this level of detail and degree. I would love to continue down this path.