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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

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Measured in Echoes

Measured in Echoes comments on the decaying infrastructure found in the United States and our obsession to preserve what once was instead of funding new modern structures.
Runtime: 6:00 min; 2022, USA

  • Director: Jonathan Joy
  • Producer: Jimm Needle, Michael Johnston, Jonathan Joy¬†
  • Language: English

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Interview with the Filmmaker Jonathan Joy

Your views on the film.
For this specific work, I meant to comment on two thematic elements. Superficially, I wanted to examine the United States grotesque obsession with obsolete structures. While shooting on location at a non-operational blast furnace in the city of Pittsburgh, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the vastness and unique infrastructure. However, I found the preservation to be pointless. Most notably from the standpoint of the United States and its inability to adequately fund and invest in modern infrastructure.

Your inspirations.
My short film is inspired by American experimental filmmaker Leighton Pierce. Particularly, his 1991 short “Thursday.” His use of natural/ambient sound and gorgeous cinematography are breathtaking.

Your cinematic work.
My research and media practice centers around Live Cinema. While the work I am submitting for this festival is roughly 6 minutes, I will generate a longer cut to perform in an installation space accompanied by a live musical score.