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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

Official Logo - Cittador International Film Festival


An alt right, anti-feminist, red pill podcast host takes his listeners to the dark side — no matter how far it goes.
Runtime: 8:05 min; 2022, USA

  • Director: Otto Logan
  • Screenwriter: Amanda Callas
  • Cast: Annie Sage Whitehurst, Otto Logan, Mark G. David
  • Producer: Amanda Callas, Otto Logan
  • Language: English

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Interview with the Filmmaker Otto Logan

Your views on the film.
Doxxed is a no budget short we made during COVID last year, having all actors self record remotely. We wanted to use the jagged cinematography and solipsistic digital landscape in the heart of the story. This is a fictional feminist short, based on popular real life anti-feminist, alt right personalities — and true stories of women who have been doxxed. More than half of girls and women have been threatened with physical or sexual violence online. Girls as young as eight experience abuse. 
Your inspirations.
I was inspired by the jagged, confrontational, black and white cinematography of Pi and by nonfictional articles covering doxxing and harassment of women in the digital space.
Your cinematic work.
This is my first film, I am also releasing a comedic animated short and I am currently in preproduction for a witty mobster short comedy, adapted from a play, and an all female short comedy about a woman right before her wedding.