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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

Official Logo - Cittador International Film Festival

Disparate Fragments Form Patterns

A mysterious, intricate, sensory journey of reflection. Isolated acts of positive action, kindness, interesting forms shapes and colors, find strength as they emerge and are noticed as patterns.
Runtime: 3:54 min; 2022, Australia

  • Director & Music Composer: Paul Edmund Fletcher
  • Language: Portuguese

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Interview with the Filmmaker Paul Edmund Fletcher

Your views on the film.
Layers of image, movement, and sound are combined by chance, planning and review, to create compositional balance, progression, continuity, and contrast. An atmosphere of peaceful awe and wonder, a sense of endless depth and new perspectives is created. Sound and image become interdependent animated lifeforms each with their own energy, influencing and shaping each other… melding a holistic form of audio-visual music, mood, drama.

Your inspirations.
“The songs of Trees” & “Sounds wild and broken” by David Haskell inspired by the sense of interconnectedness and intricate patterns that bind us all together in nature of which we are part of.

Your cinematic work.
Paul has many years’ experience creating abstract animation, visual music, installations, projections, and live cinema, with many screenings and exhibitions in Australia and Internationally..