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Vienna, Austria
December 27, 2022

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Ana Bilic
Programme Director

Ana Bilic

filmmaker, scriptwriter

She has been working as a film director and screenwriter for twelve years. She has written and directed several films in the independent film area. Her work as a screenwriter has a longer tradition with her: she has been writing stories in book form for almost twenty years and occasionally realizing them on stage.

Danilo Wimmer
Festival Director

Danilo Wimmer

composer, actor, audio producer

He grew up with music, received the classical education for composition and jazz piano as well as the education for audio engineering. He has been working as a film composer for twelve years. He is active as an actor and has participated in several films.

Danilo Wimmer and Ana Bilic are heads of Cittador, the Austrian association for the promotion of cinematic art and cinematic culture.